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Isn't It Nifty? Training Academy Doors are Opening!

I'm so excited! It was just announced that the doors to Absolute Dogs Training Academy are opening today!

Oberon on his bed in a public park
Oberon practicing Boundaries

Like I said in my previous post, the Training Academy is the premier dog training site. When I started using the Training Academy almost two years ago there was so much info, it was almost overwhelming. Luckily there is some guidance and you get two free "badges" - individual programs like Sexier Than a Squirrel that have a linear progression, though you can always jump back to previous lessons.

The first badge Oberon and I worked through was Boundaries and I have to admit, since we moved back to PA, I need to go back and review some of these lessons. Boundaries are the same as a "place" command and are super foundational. I need to work on building value for a release word because Obi has a habit of breaking his boundary and hopping up on a different one. Hey, at least he chooses a boundary!

My favorite part of the Training Academy is the weekly playlist. Every week on Wednesday, anothe

r game or resource is uploaded and a weekly playlist. So, you can have a series of games to work on for the week and it helps keep your training fresh and interesting for both you and your dog.

Just like people, sometimes dogs have to hear or do the same thing a slightly different way before it clicks. So games like orientation game and the weather games are fairly similar but just different enough to be exciting. When you add them together it increases the difficulty and gets your dog thinking and paying more attention to you.

I also look forward to Facebook lives in the private Training Academy Facebook group. Whether a geek out session with Tom - a vet behaviorist - or Lauren - a world Champion Agility trainer, they are always entertaining and inspiring. Somet

Baby Obi!

imes it feels like more of a life coach session than a dog training session. It just goes to show that optimism and positivity carry over to every day life. Dog training is more of a lifestyle than a thirty minute session anyway, why not use all that info in all aspects of life?

And they are announcing the addition of the Nifty Solutions! a new badge for those of you with puppies. A look at training any puppy or new to you dog! After all today is international puppy day!

OMG, Pepper was sooo tiny when I found her,
Baby Pepper!

If you are curious to just how the Training Academy works, I've made a behind the scenes look inside just for you! Check it out at the bottom of the page.

If you are interested in subscribing to the Training Academy Click here to get started!

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